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As some of you will know Anatolia is the ancient name for Turkey - however, whilst we recognise this affiliation, we here at Anatolia Systems are focused on software solutions to meet all your personal and professional needs. Nowadays a lot of people are reliant on software in some way or another to manage or facilitate their day to day functions, whether that be in their job as a word processor, or spreadsheet, to a program that allows you to design and develop your own websites, through to checking your email, playing computer games or perhaps most topically - Social Media/staying in touch.

I think that the majority of the population using the internet in one form or another is now familiar with (the name at least) of Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They are extremely powerful pieces of software that are built around the very simple premise of 'you' in the case of Facebook and 'What are you doing?' when you are talking about Twitter. Software solutions are playing a bigger and bigger part in our daily lives. The business solutions sector of the IT market is constantly providing new solutions to make life easier and streamline what were once time consuming administrative tasks. Open source platforms are allowing those entrepreneurial 'techies' to develop fantastic custom solutions off the back of other people's work. Content Management is an area of the market that big players are fighting to provide proprietary software solutions in a market that is slowly but surely being penetrated by the open source crew.

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The competition in just about any software segment is colossal and millions are spent each year researching and developing the next 'game changer'. As has been the case through time, the leaps we are taking now are much bigger and much closer together when it comes to developing as a race. The next generation of software solutions, truly is into the realms of Artificial Intelligence, robotics and the images of fantasy that fill our cinema screens every couple of months.

Here at Anatolia we are focusing on what is available now rather than our future, although there are articles covering those topics of course. We hope that you take the time to explore the site which I believe will provide you with various solutions and in some cases ideas for areas that may be upcoming in your businesses lifecycle, or indeed offer you some handy hints for online solutions that can help you in your personal every day activities. Whatever your reason for stopping by, you are most welcome at Anatolia Systems.




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